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Latino Diabetes Association

Preventing Diabetes in Our Communities

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Latino Diabetes Association

Latino Diabetes Association

Latino Diabetes Association

About LDA

The Latino Diabetes Association was founded in 2004 to address the rapid rise of Type 2 diabetes and obesity among families and our youth, and to fill a gap in preventive health services for this population by providing free prevention and self-management education. The LDA is the only organization that focuses on prevention and self-management to underserved communities utilizing preventive education by health care professionals directly in the community. The LDA is a leader in the dissemination of culturally sensitive information about diabetes prevention and self-management, and a key connector to health care and other resources for people living with the disease.

Mission Statement

Committed to delivering culturally relevant diabetes prevention and self- management education to the underserved communities.

Vision Statement

To reduce and prevent diabetes to underserved communities by addressing health disparities through a culturally sensitive grassroots approach.

Core Values

Through credible, persuasive, and timely information coupled with education and emotional support, a person may successfully modify their life style to prevent the onset of diabetes or manage the impact of this disease.

LDA Programs

The main focus for the LDA continues to be a grassroots community based approach to preventive diabetes education and self-management. Our classes consist of 1 ½ hour classes once a week for 10 weeks and are taught by a combination of primarily Certified Diabetes Educators, Nutritionists/Dieticians, Promatora community health educators, and guest educators such as trusted local Podiatrists who specialize in preventive wound care and amputation prevention such as Dr. Halperin and partners at New Hope Podiatry/East L.A. Wound Care Center. We also partner with pharmacies and pharmacists that provide free glucometers to all our participants as well as general medication education including orals and insulin.

ALL Latino Diabetes Programs are completely FREE and open to anyone of any ethnicity. The frequency and locations of our programs are entirely dependent on our current budget capabilities and at times dependent on areas directed by our funders. 

Diabetes Prevention

“Lucha” Fight Against Diabetes Prevention Program

All participants are given a diabetes knowledge test at the beginning and at the end of the session to track their progress in understanding the principles of diabetes prevention. Participants are also weighed and given BMI (Body Mass Index) baseline measurements at the beginning and end of the program to track their progress in reducing their weight or glucose levels. At the beginning of the program, participants are urged to see their doctor or are given a referral to a low-cost medical clinic for healthcare if they are uninsured for additional tracking of their progress and for additional screenings including A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol. All participants are given a “goodie bag” with diabetes and health resource literature and cookbooks.

Our Lucha for Kids Childhood program is geared towards parents and children at reducing childhood obesity in elementary, middle schools, and community centers. Adult heads of households, specifically matriarch / caregiver mothers and fathers with their children are taught the basics of diabetes, myths about the disease, and ways to avoid it early in life; as well as healthy cooking recipes and how to snack healthy and make exercise fun!

Diabetes Control and Self-Management

Stanford University Diabetes Self-Management Program

This program is for diabetics, their family, or caregivers and follows the “Lucha” program after its conclusion. This program is limited to 10 to 15 participants and is much more intimate and one-on-one with a SDSMP master trainer which stresses practical everyday ways to cope with diabetes, compliance with diet, exercise, and medications, reduce diabetes complications, and ultimately reduce or eliminate your medications if possible. The program is 6 weeks in duration and is done in Spanish and / or English

Diabetes Peer Support Group

Our support groups meet on a monthly basis at our Montebello headquarters. There are two separate groups; one for diabetics, one for family and or caregivers. The groups are “peer driven”; meaning the group itself controls and directs the topics of discussion, but with the aid of a facilitator. The 2 groups are also divided into separate English and Spanish groups. It is extremely important for diabetics and their family caregivers to meet and have a free exchange of ideas and vent their feelings in a way only others who are struggling with a chronic disease like diabetes can truly understand. Diabetes can have a profound emotional toll and impact on persons living with it directly and indirectly. Groups discuss everything and anything from how they are coping with diabetes, to what strategies work for them, to sharing information and resources that can help each other.

Sabor - Latino Diabetes Association

“Sabor y Sazón” Healthy Cooking Program

Our fun and healthy cooking classes are taught within our 8-week Lucha program but at times are taught separately at various events such as health fairs and other occasions. Participants are taught practical ways of shopping for healthier foods on a budget as well as learning a few healthier versions of Latino recipes for themselves and their families. Participants are also given free cookbooks and items are raffled such as LDA aprons, hats, t-shirts, measuring spoons, and other prizes. Participants are also encouraged to start a small garden to grow their own herbs and vegetables. Healthy cooking involves the use of more spice and healthier ingredients to make the foods you already know and love even healthier.

“Mi Vida Yoga” and Exercise Program

The LDA understands that your emotional health and spirituality has a huge impact on your health. Because of this, the LDA is the first known diabetes organization to introduce yoga community education to its participants by our “Mi Vida Yoga” exercise program. Yoga is not a religion but a natural way of exercise, self-awareness, and an ancient way to promote peace and harmony in yourself and others.

Yoga - Latino Diabetes Association

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