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No, the pick up of your vehicle is free.

As soon as we assign a transport company to pick up your donated vehicle, we’ll email and text you their number. The transport company will contact you within 24 hours to make arrangements for pick up, but you are welcome to contact them directly at any time.

You can make pickup arrangements with the Transport Company. In most States it’s not necessary for you to be present.

The transport company will contact you within 24 hours (except weekends in some areas). If you need a Rush pick up I’ll mark that on your file. We’ll send you the phone number to the transport company by email and text so you can follow up with them directly.

In most cases yes. Please describe the vehicle condition as best you can.

Yes. Simply tell us what name you want to appear on the Receipt. The paperwork for transfer of ownership will be done separately. You must have the Title signed by the Registered owner.

I’m sorry to say that we can only accept donations from the owner of the vehicle, so we’re not able to accept your offer.

We can take cars that have outstanding tickets, however, you are responsible to pay the tickets up to the time the car is picked up.

We can take cars with expired registration, however, you are responsible for the registration fees if they were due before the car is picked up.

No. It will be necessary to obtain a Lien Release from the Lending Company before the car can be picked up.

It’s transported to an auto auction that sells it to raise money for the charity. As soon as the vehicle is picked up, you are no longer liable for it and the Auto Auction will take care of transferring the title to the new owner.

Yes, but you must have the Title signed by the Registered Owner.

Transferring ownership is different in every state. When the towing company calls you to schedule the pick up they’ll be able to answer all of your questions.

If your State has a “Release of Liability” or “Release of Interest” Form, you should fill that out and mail it in. In some States, such as California, this can be done online.


Yes. We’re a 501c3 charity recognized by the IRS.

We can send you information via email or mail, which would you prefer?

50% after expenses, such as advertising and towing.

Legally we can only accept donations for the charities listed.


The first receipt you receive will allow you to deduct up to $500. If your donation sells for over $500 we’ll send you a new receipt allowing you to write off the full sale price.

If you provide an email address we’ll send it to you today. If you don’t have email, we’ll mail it to you today.

The vehicles are sent to an auction where they are sold to the highest bidder.

In most cases within 30 days, but some vehicles may require addition processing time.


Unfortunately, we cannot. All of the donated vehicles are sold, and the proceeds forwarded to the charity.

We’re located in California, but we pick up vehicles nationwide.

If your vehicle is picked up in the current year and sold in the following year, you have the option to take your tax deduction in either year.

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