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We’re all set with pick up tomorrow. Thanks for making this so easy.

The vehicle was picked up and removed yesterday. Thank you for your guys’ assistance.

I was very impressed with the efficiency of your organization, and I would recommend it to anyone who has the vehicle to donate.

I am thankful for how nice everyone is at the tow company and KRU.

The car was picked up yesterday morning and we are totally and completely satisfied. The towing company was prompt, efficient, and professional.

They have indeed contacted us and picked up the van Sunday morning! I am very impressed with how quick and easy everything was to figure out and get scheduled and with the communication! You guys are awesome!

My car was picked up yesterday by the tow company. The driver was professional and friendly and made the transfer very easy.

Thank you very much for taking my car. The young man was very nice and very prompted . I was really impressed with him.

The car was picked up the day I contacted you. The transport people were courteous and made the pickup very quickly and professionally. Quite a relief from the agency I had been dealing with… Or, at least I was trying to!

We are glad to know that the donation is going to a great cause. The men came and picked up the car on Monday afternoon. Again, thank you for the work you do.

The towing company did a good job and I was pleased. I gave them the signed title and key to the car.

I want to thank Kars-R-Us for their help with helping me donate my old car. I got a nice tax deduction and they followed up with me and made it a simple process. It worked like clockwork. After my car sold they followed up with me to confirm I got a $500 tax deduction. They are the best. Thanks for all of your help.

I did call the transport company and they picked up my vehicle yesterday. The gentleman was very nice and was very professional and everything went quite easily. I will recommend your company to anyone trying to dispose of there older vehicle. Thank you again for your attention in this matter.

Thanks so much for all your help. It worked perfectly! You have been amazing in this entire process from start of picking up vehicle to the end with tax documents!

Your company was very helpful, and made a bad situation tun painless and profitable, I will recommend you to all my friends.

Good job on car purchase. Alex, the driver, was top notch and very professional. Thanks.

Thank you so much. The tow company picked up my car over. Thank you so much for your efficient response.

Thank you. My van was picked up at around 2 pm this afternoon. The guys were so nice and very kind.

Just wanted to let you know that the tow truck picked up the van approx 10:30 September 1st with the title. He was a nice driver. Thank you.

Nice experience. Tow truck driver was very friendly and professional.

The car was picked up by a courteous driver Saturday, March 28. Thank you for your help.

I will recommending you to all I know. A local company quoted same amount as your company, came and then told me less than what they quoted. How refreshing to deal with a local, (driver ended up living right in town) professional and very courteous company. Great job!!!

Thank you so much for the easy coordination and pick up. I tried to work with a different company prior to you guys and they were awful! Working with you all had been such a breeze, and I thank you for that.

We are glad to know that the donation is going to a great cause. The men came and picked up the car on Monday afternoon. Again, thank you for the work you do.

The towing company picked it up. Great company. They did an excellent job in getting the car out! Thanks!

Your transport carrier was professional and polite and called to let me know that they were outside when they arrived and they took care of all paper work and removing the car in a very timely manner. Will use again if ever. I have to thank you.

I wanted to thank you for the professionalism that was shown in the sale of selling my 95′ Dodge Caravan, I greatly appreciate it and the value given.

The tow company picked up the car yesterday morning. Thank you for your excellent service!

Thank you (and you’re welcome)! The process was pretty smooth and easy. Thanks for the opportunity to do good!

You guys are great! I wanted to let you know that the girls that assisted me, were very nice and professional. I will recommend your services whenever I get the opportunity.

The car was picked up. Thank you. The service was great!

I would like to say I thank you for your time, courteous driver, and the follow up. Your company is the 2nd one in a short period of time I have contacted, and I have to say that by far the experience with your company was my best. Thank you again – and I will be certain to pass your name on to anyone that has the need for your services.

The vehicle was picked up on Thursday and it went smoothly. I really appreciate the follow up call and the email. This is reassuring in that the funds from this donated vehicle will indeed go to “Find The Children”.

The 1993 Chrysler LeBaron was picked up this morning and everything went flawlessly. Thank you very much.

Thank you for the receipt! I hope you get lots of donations!

I just wanted to thank you. The towing company picked up the car yesterday and we’re finally dead-carless!

The car has been picked and we greatly appreciate the service you offer.

Car was picked up on schedule. The Tow driver was great, very helpful and did A GREAT JOB.

The vehicle was picked up as planned and as scheduled. The tow company was very prompt and courteous, they really made it a pleasure doing business with your company. Thanks.