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We’re all set with pick up tomorrow. Thanks for making this so easy.

Sue Tatem

The vehicle was picked up and removed yesterday. Thank you for your guys’ assistance.

Jonathan Blanton

I was very impressed with the efficiency of your organization, and I would recommend it to anyone who has the vehicle to donate.

Kathleen Lucas

I am thankful for how nice everyone is at the tow company and KRU.

Lottie Stark

The car was picked up yesterday morning and we are totally and completely satisfied. The towing company was prompt, efficient, and professional.

Kathryn Monsen

They have indeed contacted us and picked up the van Sunday morning! I am very impressed with how quick and easy everything was to figure out and get scheduled and with the communication! You guys are awesome!

Heidi Hermanstorfer

My car was picked up yesterday by the tow company. The driver was professional and friendly and made the transfer very easy.

Cara Williford

Thank you very much for taking my car. The young man was very nice and very prompted . I was really impressed with him.

Myrna McCauley

Had a great experience dealing with you and would highly recommend you to others.

I was very pleased with the service I received. You all are awesome!

Rita Ortiz-Miller

The whole process from my initial call to the car pick up was seamless! I received an email and then a text message within a couple of hours of calling. The tow truck driver was very nice. The paperwork and pick up took maybe 5 minutes. I am a breast cancer survivor, so I am happy to donate to any breast cancer cause.

LaDusta Brown

The car was picked up the day I contacted you. The transport people were courteous and made the pickup very quickly and professionally. Quite a relief from the agency I had been dealing with… Or, at least I was trying to!

Dan Hoyer

We are glad to know that the donation is going to a great cause. The men came and picked up the car on Monday afternoon. Again, thank you for the work you do.

Robin Throne

The towing company did a good job and I was pleased.
I gave them the signed title and key to the car.

Paul Budd

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