Donate Your Car

Donation2Charity helps charities around the country raise additional revenue
through car donation programs.

Car donations are a much needed source of income for non profit organizations. However, not all charities have the staff or expertise needed to answer donor questions, arrange to get car and boat donations picked up, process the required paperwork and issue a Tax Deduction Receipt. Donation2Charity assists charities with their car donation program.

Our procedure is simple, fast and easy:

  1. Donors are emailed a receipt right away or mailed if the donor does not have an email address.
  2. The transport company contacts the donor within 24 hours to arrange for the pickup of the donation.
  3. The vehicle is delivered to an auction where the vehicle is sold to raise money for Charity. Each auction complies with all State regulations to insure ownership to the vehicle is properly transferred.
Donate Your Car

Our goal is to provide each donor with the best possible donation experience, while generating the highest possible return for our charity clients. Fast and easy to donate and we’ll help you with any other questions you may have along the way.

Tax Information

Get the Maximum Tax Deduction! Click the ‘More Information’ button to know the commonly asked questions regarding your generous donation and how you will benefit.


Most charities sell car donations because there is too much liability involved in giving a car to a needy person or selling it to them at a really low price. In addition, charities rely on the proceeds from the sale of car donations to help them fund their mission.


Featured Charity:

Easter Seals-Goodwill Charity provides services for children and adults with disabilities and other special needs, and support to their families.


Professional. Recomended.

I really appreciated the professionalism that I received in the process of making this donation. I only wish I had known about this organization earlier as I had previously donated another vehicle and had a very difficult time. I will definitely recommend to anyone I know that is looking to make a vehicle donation that they call your organization. Thank you too for your follow-up today.



I think it’s awesome that anyone can be a part of helping out no matter what it is you are doing to help. Something that could be in your yard and forgot about that scrap prices wouldn’t even benefit enough to even look at it could help a Cause and help a family and that right there is a reason to do it.

Whitley Daniele Bone

Very easy to do.

Very easy to do. Just call the number and they do the rest.

Tony Popson


Dear Lisa, Happy New Year to you! I must say that your agency is well organized! Congratulations.